Is wwf coming back

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No WWF is now WWE

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Q: Is wwf coming back
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When is Austin coming back to WWE?

he wont be coming back he retired in wwf

Why is the Rock coming back to the WWF?

Because the WWE Universe loves him. And by the way, it's called WWE now, not WWF.

Is randy savage coming to WWE?

that time is left behind him, he was in WWF, but there is no proof that he is coming back. Maybe he will get inducted into the Hall of Fame

What is WWF Smackdown 2 Know your Role?

wwf smackdown 2: is a video game about professional wrestling company wwe(known back then as : wwf)

Should WWE change back to WWF?

Legally they can not!

Will WWE come back to WWF?

Anything Can Happen.

When did WWE first air?

back then it was called WWF March 1979, and back back then it was called WWWF (date unknown) and before that CWC 1952. if you mean the change from WWF to WWE is was in 2002

How do you get back on the ring on wwf no mercy?

you c-down button

When is Jeff Hardy goin to come back from the losr leaves steel cage match?

He is never coming back. The terms were that the loser left wwe for good. The only way he could come back would be if the wwe changed its name. Like when it switched from wwf to wwe. other wise no.

Who dated Eddie Guerrero When he Was young?

He dated Chyna back in what was then called WWF.

Why did Shawn micheals leave the wwf then return?

He left because of a back surgery

Is Corey Dillon coming back?

No, he is not coming back.