Is wwf is real or fake?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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wwf is clearly fake. you can go on YouTube andd check it out. [ i met vince McMahon andhe actually told me wwf/wwe is fake]

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Q: Is wwf is real or fake?
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Is wwf real?

it is fake like [beep]

Has wrestling ever been real?

yes, the hitting in world wrestling federation [wwf] was fake but it was not planned out they would do what they want when they want and ufc is all real and so is boxing.

Is the undertaker the fake Kane?

the fake Kane is not undertaker, it is festus well sorta he use to in the WWF

Is WWE a fake acting or real?

Its Fake People That's Why They Call It Wwe World Wrestling Entertatmint all are scripted and fake! DO NOT LET MR.MCMAHON READ THIS It is called Entertatmant 'cuse WWF got sued by the world wildlife fund and lost., The"Battel".

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Do you have proof that both the WWE and WWF are fake and scripted?

I dont know what you mean by proof, but WWE is scripted and its partly fake. TNA is 100% fake.

Were there any wrestling shows before WWF and WWE?

No. Wrestling has always been fake and always will be. Wrestling that is real (if you notice) is a lot less organised.

Is wrestsling fake?

no i herd from many people that wwf was but not wwe that's the difference

Is the wwf fake like the WWE?

Yes it was. WWF/WWE & all forms of professional wrestling are considered sports "entertainment". The company includes scripted storylines, segments and pre-determined matches. The wrestling is for the most part fake, but they make it look real as much as possible. However that doesn't mean the wrestlers don't get hurt, injured or bloodied by mistake.

Why did ultimite warrior leave wwf?

The real Ultimite Warrior was a wrestler in the 80's the one in the 90's was a fake on steroids he died from over dose on drugs the real one that wasn't on drugs died in a car wreck

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Mermaid real or fake?

Fake, not real.