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yeah it was stampede Wrestling

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Q: Were there any wrestling shows before WWF and WWE?
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What was the WWE before the WWE?

WWF ( World Wrestling Federation )

What is the difference between the WWE and the WWF?

wwe is world wrestling entertainment and wwf is world wrestling federation. also in the WWF it was more real and it was in the attitude era. Now with the WWE it is almost completely acting.

Does the WWF still exist?

WWF became World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE .

When was wrestling was born?

Wrestling in general has been around for centuries. WWE formerly WWF It was found in 1963

Was WWF real before they change into WWE?

No. Wrestling has always been fake and always will be. Wrestling that is real (if you notice) is a lot less organised.

What was WWE World Wrestling Entertainment originally known as?

WWF - World Wrestling Federation. World Wildlife Foundation had already taken the name WWF, so they had to change to WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment.

Why did mr McMahon change wwf to WWE?

WWF (World Wrestling Federation)'s name had to be changed to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) due to a lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund for use of the initials WWF.

What was WWE originally known as?

WWF (World Wrestling Federation)

Does WWF still stand for world wrestling federations?

Yes, WWF does stand for World Wrestling Federation. However, they have changed it to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

What role does Sable have in the WWE?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Sable was a professional wrestler in the WWE between 2003 and 2004. She had previously starred in the WWF wrestling tournament where she was the second WWF Women's Champion.

What was WWE called before WWE?


Why was WWF renamed to WWE?

Th World Wrestling Federation was renamed the World Wrestling Entertainment after losing a law suit to the World Wildlife Federation who had been using the name WWF since before the creation of the World Wrestling Federation

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