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entertain Capitol residents

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Q: Why did the filmmakers edit that part or parts In the hunger game?
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Is the hunger game movie boring?

I thought it was, there were lots of parts they missed from the book, it didn't really follow the books properly.

What is a good hunger games online game?

If your like a game so have you a Good Hunger

What does bread symbolizes in hunger game?

The bread symbolizes kindness and happiness in the hunger game

What is the best Hunger game book?

hunger games

Is there a Hunger Games board game?

No. Not that I know of. There is a Hunger Games Board Game called The Hunger Games Movie The District 12 Strategy Game and it is available on Amazon.

Will the Hunger Games be made into an Xbox game?

Maybe, but until then there is a video game on the iOS called " Hunger Games: Girl on Fire" and a game on Facebook called" The Hunger Games Adventures."

How do you edit exe in game maker?

Executables (even compiled by Game Maker) are not possible to edit in Game Maker. To edit it you would have to decompile or disassemble it, or use a hex editor. Game Maker can only edit files such as *.gmk, *.gm81 and older versions of the Game Maker files.

Is there a free Hunger Games game?

Yes, on the iTunes App Store there is a free game called "The Hunger Games Adventures"

What is a cornucopia in the hunger game?

Its were they all start and In the middle is were all the weapons are, that they use to fight within the Hunger Game's its self!

What kind of violence is in the hunger game film?

Not a lot of violence which will make you go "eeww" but still some parts where you might feel a tiny bit queasy.

What are the release dates for Before the Big Game - 2004?

Before the Big Game - 2004 was released on: USA: 21 January 2004 (New Filmmakers)

Who is the person in hunger game?

Katniss everdeen