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Just one, but another is on the way.

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Q: How many hunger game movies are there?
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Where are the nex two hunger game movies being filmed?

Dawsonville GA

How many Hunger Games movies are there as of 2012?

one .but there is three books : the hunger games , catching fire , mocking jay.

How many people died in the hunger game series?

Throughout the Hunger Games series, it is estimated that hundreds of tributes died during the various Games. The exact number of deaths is not specified in the books or movies.

Is the Hunger Games still in the movies?


Are movies based on books?

yes and no. som examples of movies based on books are The Hunger Game s, All of the Harry Potter movies, and The lightning theif, but their are alos movie that are not based on anything,like Lilo and Stitch

How many Hunger Games fans are there?

tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of hunger game fans worldwide

How many films were made from the hunger games trioligy?

There are four films planned for the Hunger Games, with Mockingjay, the third book, being split into two movies.

How many hunger game are there?

Just one, but another is on the way.

Which two movies was the best selling hunger games of ride along?

Hunger games

Are they casting for The Hunger Games?

No, all four of The Hunger Games movies have already been filmed.

How do you become a actor in movies like the hunger games?

To become an actor for movies, it is recommended that the aspiring actor take acting lessons. Once some skills are acquired, taking many auditions can lead to a large role like the Hunger Games.

How many days do hunger game tributes get to practice before performing for the game makers?