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Mostly because they could get big sponsors ship deals for example matel and all the Action Figures they produce for them.

also many companies mostly companies focusing on childen products would not buy commericals time. the more people you have wanting to buy commercial time the more you can charge

also anther factor was during the time it changed the owners wife was running for a political election and as not t get slamme on the campaign they made it more family value oriented

not to mention the wwe former wwf has almost always been pg for its 50 plus year history. the only time it wasntwas for a few years inthe 90s early 2000s when they had strong competiton that was offering a more muture style and was winning in getting money now there is no competiton or at very least lack of competition and they are making tons of money there is no need to change a busines modell that worked for them 45 years out he 50.

it be like mcdonalds announcing tomorrow that they are becoming a fine dining establishment and charging 100 per plate

its just smart business for them

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Q: Why did the WWE go form pg 13 to pg?
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Why WWE is PG?

because the entertainment of WWE is in form of violence that's why it is PG.

Will the WWE ever be pg-13 again?

No, I don't think so. WWE is fully committed to being a full PG product which is kid and family friendly. Because of their PG initiative, many multi-million dollar advertisements and endorsements were received by the WWE. Though hardcore wrestling fans like the edgier storylines and bloodshed like in the Attitude Era, WWE wants to keep their product PG. So, I don't think WWE will be PG-13 ever again.

What do you get to do when your 13?

Go to PG 13 movies

Can a younger child go to a PG thirteen rated movie with a thirteen year old?

No, the child has to be 13 or older to go see a PG-13 movie. Hence, PG-13.

What year Day Month did PG start in WWE?

The PG started in WWE on June 24, 2007. Now that PG has went WWE is not as good.

Who was Slash from TNA and did he ever wrestle for WWE?

Yes in fact, he did wrestle in WWE, but he never accomplished anything. He was Wolfie D from PG-13.

Is WWE still a pg or is it going to change?

WWE is still holding onto its PG Rating.

Will john cena go heel?

Cena will not go heel because he is the reason the wwe is pg and if he goes heel the wwe would lose half of its viewers

Is there a pg WWE game?


What movie is pg 13?

Go to the link, there are millions!!

What is worse PG or PG 13?

Rated R and NC-17 is worst than PG or PG 13 combined.

What was the first WWE pg show?

The WWE corporate site announced that the WWE would be PG on Monday July 28, 2008. I would guess that the same day is when WWE had its first PG Show, which was of course RAW.