What is worse PG or PG 13?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rated R and NC-17 is worst than PG or PG 13 combined.

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pg 13

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Q: What is worse PG or PG 13?
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What is worse tv ma or pg 13?

Ma means mature audiences, so it would be like an R rating, and PG 13 is not as bad as an R rating, so TV MA would be worse

Will Robin Hood be PG-13 or R?

PG-13 probably. As of now it is officially PG-13.

What will eclipse be rated as a movie?

It is PG-13.

What is the movie Transformers rated?


What is Mean Girls rated?


Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler should be pg or pg-13?

I say PG it isant bad enough to be PG-13

What is the movie the rock rated?

I think its PG-13. But it might be PG. Its most likely PG-13.

Is twilight rated pg-13?

Twilight is rated PG-13.

What will be the rating for interstellar?

Interstellar was rated PG-13.

What is the Dark Shadows movie rated?


What is PG 13 in English?

A PG 13 is equivalent to a 12A in Britain.

Final destination age rating?

PG-13 PG-13