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well he does saves kagome and rin in movie 3

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Q: Why did sesshomaru save kagome?
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Did sesshomaru see kagome naked?

No, because kagome is not in love with sesshomaru she is in love with seeshomaru's younger brother inuyasha. Sesshomaru does not even like kagome. Inuyasha LOVES kagome. You can just tell. Course not. Sesshomaru doesn't even like Kagome.

What inuyasha episode did kagome met sesshomaru?

the third or fourth episode.

Sesshomaru and kagome?

maybe cause they're looking good together.

Which inuyasha episode or movie did sesshoumaru see kagome bathe?

Sesshomaru doesnt see kagome bathe in episode or movie

Which of the Inuyasha cast aren't going to be in Inuyasha The Final Act?

Sesshomaru and Kagome's voice.

What Inuyasha episodes are they when Inuyasha has turn into a full demon and is fighting sesshomaru and kagome tells him to sit to save his life?

It's actually in the 3rd movie, Swords of an Honourable Ruler. (I LOVED that movie)

What is the episode of inuyasha when sesshomaru almost kissed kagome?

It doesnt exist. Stop listening to rabid fangirls.

In inuyasha When does Kagome yells oniisan at sesshomaru?

"Oniisan" means "older brother," so when Kagome calls Sesshomaru Oniisan, she is showing respect since he is older and it a Japanese culture to call male older than you - young adult. It could also be used for hinting that she and Inuyasha could get married, making Sesshomaru her brother-in-law.

Which final act episode does sesshomaru save kagome?

He wanted to save her using Tensaiga, but he knows it can't. Kagura dies soon after.

Is there a story on fanficcom that sesshomaru somehow gets kagome and inuyasha to switch bodies?

not that i know of, but there is one that has them switch bodies can't remember what it called but just browser inuyasha and kagome switch bodies.

When Naraku gave Koga a sacred jewel shard and Kagome had to purify it to save him. What episode of InuYasha does Kagome save Koga?

there is none. kagome hates him in the next bit.

What episode does kagome call seshomarru brother?

in the last final act where she married to inuyasha and she saw sesshomaru flying in the sky