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Courtney was hospitalized her whole life, and was jealous of the freedom and life that Alison had in Rosewood. So when Courtney came home to be assessed by her parents, she told them she was Alison. That way, she could have Allison's perfect life while the real Alison was shipped back to the hospital.

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She was mad at her for throwing away her perfect life and dumping her friends for losers such as Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna.

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Courtney was mental and she wanted a normal life which her twin had so she thought if she replaced her twin she would have a normal life

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Q: Why did Courtney replace Alison?
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Is Alison A?

Technicly yes, first Mona is A. Then Alison became A after Mona died. Alison never actually died. "Alison" had a twin sister Courtney who didn't live with her because of mental issues. Courtney pretended to be Alison and Courtney is the one who died not Alison. Alison killed Courtney that night of the sleep over because Courtney had dumped her two popular friends and befriended four "losers" and Courtney ruined Alison's life. So Alison killed Courtney who pretended to be Alison. So the real Alison is toturing the Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer.

In Pretty Little Liars did Alison kill Courtney or Courtney kill Alison?

yes, courtney was in a psychiatrist hospital and alison visit here one time and courtney let alison in the hospital and she escaped. and courtney lived alisons life.

Who is A's master in Pretty Little Liars?

Alison. Alison has a mentally ill twin sister Courtney. Courtney switched places with Alison and it was actually Courtney who the liar's met and who was murdered. Alison hates the liars for becoming friends with Courtney and believing Courtney was Alison. Mona was -A but she was acting on behalf of Alison. Once Mona was sent to the mental hospital, Alison takes over. Or at least that is what happens in the book.

Does Spencer kill Alison?

No... Ali killed Ali. See the 'Alison' that died was really Courtney, Ali's twin sister. No Courtney was killed by Alison because Courtney stole Alison's straightners... i mean Life.

Is the real Alison A in Pretty Little Liars?

The real Alison is A, but the Alison that was found dead and the Alison that was friends with Spencer Aria and Emily was not the real Alison, it was her twin sister Courtney. Courtney was originally in a mental hospital but somehow tricked people into thinking she was Alison and the real Alison was Courtney. The real Alison came back and killed Courtney and the real Alison is A.

Was ali really friends with Spencer Emily aria and Hanna?

No because nobody knew the real Alison. Alisons had a twin, Courtney, who took her place so everyone knew Courtney not Alison. Alison was sent to a mental home instead of Courtney. Alison killed Courtney so Alison is still alive.

Why does Courtney want to be like Alison on Pretty Little Liars?

Courtney wants to pretend to be Alison meanwhile Courtney was supposed to be in a mental hospital

How does Alison become A after Mona in pretty little liar?

Alison is A because Alison didn't really die-not exactly. Her twin sister did, Courtney. Courtney is a mental patient but she escaped and got her parents thinking that she was Alison. Alison escapes the hospital and kills Courtney.

How does Alison kill Courtney in Pretty Little Liars?

After Alison (Really it's Courtney) has that fight with Spencer outside the barn where Spencer hits Courtney, Courtney runs and Spencer just remembers seeing her arguing with someone blond. That's because it's Courtney fighting with Alison. Alison and Courtney fight and it's not specified how she actually killed Courtney but she throws Courtney in the hole behind the barn, the one the next day the workers fill so no one realizes Courtney is in it... After that, Alison and Courney's parents take Alison away thinking she's Courtney... she doesn't come back till the last book and nobody knows she's the real Alison...

Who killed Courtney on Pretty Little Liars?

Alisons twinCourtney in Pretty Little Liars is supposedly Alison's twin sister. And if you wanted to know it's not Alison that is dead it's Courtney they decided to switch and see what it was like to be each other and then I'm not sure how but it was Courtney who died when she was in Alison's place. Alison is still alive and is in a mental hospital.she is ali`s crazy twin sister who actually was the one who died not ali.ali killed Courtney

Pretty Little Liars spoilers?

Alison isn't dead. She had a twin sister named Courtney who had a mental issue. Courtney was always pretending to be alison. Courtney was pretending to be alison so they thought alison WA Courtney and sent her to a mental hospital. Courtney as alison then befriended aria Emily Spencer and hanna. The night that "alison" who was really Courtney dies alison was back from the hospital and killed her sister Courtney as revenge for pretending to be her. Alison then got shipped back to the mental hospital. Later when alison comes back again she tries to kill aria Spencer and Emily. There are two A's throughout the books the first is mona vanderwall who dies in the 4th book the second is the real alison.

Did Mona kill Courtney?

No, Mona is A and Alison killed Courtney