Does jenna cavanaugh die

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yea the real alison murders herr Courtney no ALISON

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Q: Does jenna cavanaugh die
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What happens to Jenna Cavanaugh in Pretty Little Liars?

Jenna Cavanaugh was blinded after being hit in the face by a firework. Her brother, Toby, took the blame but everything but Jenna getting hurt had been set up by Jenna and Courtney. Courtney claims to have misaimed when she was caught by surprise to see Toby abusing (touching) Jenna. Jenna Cavanaugh was later killed by Alison.

What did gazebo do to Jenna Cavanaugh?

It made her blind

What is Jenna's brother's name on Pretty Little Liars?

Hey! His name is Toby Cavanaugh.

When did Jay Cavanaugh die?

Jay Cavanaugh died in 2005.

When did Dave Cavanaugh die?

Dave Cavanaugh died in 1981.

What is the blind girl's real name in Pretty Little Liars?

Jenna Cavanaugh is played by Tammin Sursok.

When did John R. Cavanaugh die?

John R. Cavanaugh died in 2007.

When did John J. Cavanaugh die?

John J. Cavanaugh died in 1979.

When did James M. Cavanaugh die?

James M. Cavanaugh died in 1879.

What happened to the blind girl in Pretty Little Liars?

Jenna Cavanaugh, the step-sister of Toby Covanaugh, was killed by a construction worker.

When did Lucille Cavanaugh die?

Lucille Cavanaugh died on July 13, 1983, in Carmel, California, USA.

What is Jenna Cavanaugh's name in Pretty Little Liars?

Tammin Sursok but you may know her from Hannah Montana as Jacksons bi bi bikini model or Sianna