Why did 2NE1 start a group?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they all auditioned for yg entertainment, and they all wanted to become singers.

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Q: Why did 2NE1 start a group?
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Who is sisters in between the 2ne1 group?

none of them are.

Who is the member of the group 2ne1 in Korea who quited?

None at the moment. . .

When did 2NE1 decide to start a band?

they debut in 2009

Who is the second leader of the group 2ne1?

There is no second leader, the only leader is cl

What is 2ne1 YouTube?

2NE1's official YouTube Channel is 2NE1

When is 2ne1 going to debut in America?

There has been no official notice from YG Entertainment about 2NE1 ever debuting in America, but the group is having two concerts in the United States in 2012.

Who is the most successful girl group in Korea?

2NE1.The next most popular is SNSD

Who are the members of the South Korean girl group 2NE1?

2NE1 is a four member South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment in 2009. The band consists of four female members named CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom.

Is cl of 2ne1's real name park bom?

No. CL and Park Bom are two different members of the four member group 2NE1. CL is the stage name of Lee ChaeRin.

Who inspired the 2ne1 group?

It is unknown who, or what had inspired them, but what is sure is, that they inspired many artists and fashion designers.

Who in 2ne1 has a boyfriend?

no one in 2ne1 has a boyfriend.

Who is youngest in 2ne1?

Minzy is the youngest in 2NE1.