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Q: Who is guy in Subaru factory commercial?
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What is the name of the song on the subaru commercial where the guy loses his glasses?

Basia Bulat - Before I Knew

Who is the singer on the Subaru TV commercial?

The McDonald guy from Alabama who was a 2010 American Idol contestant !

Do the Pogues sing the Subaru commercial song?

No, the Pogues do not sing the Subaru commercial song. The song for the Subaru commercial is called "I Will Wait" and it is performed by the band Mumford & Sons.

What commercial uses the black keys song tighten up?

It is used in the Subaru Legacy commercial in which the guy doesn't seem to notice the fact that he is driving over puddles.

Where can you find factory speakers for a 2008 subaru legacy?

You can find the factory speakers for a 2008 Subaru Legacy on Amazon or Ebay.

Who is the red headed actor in the subaru commercial?

The red-headed actor in the Subaru commercial is Matthew Perry.

Who is the actress in the subaru lost sunglasses commercial?

The actress in the Subaru Lost Sunglasses commercial is Gillian Vigman.

Who is the guy in the 2010 Subaru 'Keepsake' commercial?

Looks like an actor named Darren Goldstein. I just saw him in Limitless and I had the nagging feeling I knew him from somewhere...

Who is singing the new Subaru commercial?

The pogues

Who is the mom in the Subaru hockey commercial?

Same actress does a Crohn's disease commercial

Which factory recalls involve Subaru Impreza cars?

There has been a factory recall on Subaru Impreza cars built through November 15th, 2011 for brake master cylinders. If one is concerned or unsure if their Subaru Impreza is affected in the recall, they should bring their car to a Subaru Dealer to get it checked out.

Who is the red head in the Subaru commercial?

Kandis Erickson