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The same guy as what? If you are referring to the other guy in the commercial, then it does appear to be the same guy.

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Q: Is the actor in the discover frog commercial the same guy?
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Is the actor in discover card commercial missed payment the same person?

No, they're very similar though.

Are the people on the discover commercial the same?

Yes they are.

Who is the Geico spokesman in the Waltons commercial?

The same person as the actor in Geico's The Walton's commercial.

Are the actors in the we treat you like you treat you in the discover card commercial the same people?

no they are different people

Are the two male actors the same in the discover card missed payment commercials?

The two male actors are not the same in the Discover Card commercials. Although they are made to both look alike, they are played by two different men. The same goes for the woman that is supposedly talking to her doppleganger.

Did actor Justin Campbell do the McDonald's egg white delight commercial?

Yes he did. And the same lady plays his wife.

Is the actor that portrays Kevin Gale in I Shouldn't Be Alive the same person that plays Kevin in a Butterfinger commercial?

yes it is!

Who is the actor portraying Marco Polo in the new Geico commercial?

I think he's the same as the guy in the 2017 Buick commercial with the lady returning from Italy.

Is the child actor in the intuniv commercial from the omen?

I thought so too, still wondering the same thing. Yes it is, the same one who was in the Omen. My son is also in the commercial. It was shot out of Annapolis, MD and Luray, VA last summer

What is difference and same about the lifecycle chicken and frog?

chicken is a chicken and frog is a frog

Is a frog the same as a land frog?

Yes, because a frog lives both on land, and in water. So they are the same thing, but a "land frog" is probably just a frog that you catch roaming the land.

Is a water frog the same as a tree frog?

No they are not the same. They are different because a water frog likes to live in WATER and land. A tree frog only lives on land.