Why am i pale and tired?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Maybe it has to do with your sexual preference. To answer this question more info is needed. When are you tired? Are you pale all of the time? If the answers are all of the time and yes, then you could be anemic.. and if not it could be that you might be getting sick.

If you think of yourself as pale, then, that must mean that you stay indoors alot, wear sunscreen almost everyday,or you aren't in the sun often. Though, you shouldn't be pale if you're exposed to the sun every day. If you're tired, then, that means that your body needs more rest. Nobody just automatically wakes up with this. This must mean that you don't give yourself enough sleep.

Though, I'm not sure exactly, so you should see a doctor. Otherwise, you should maybe see a therapist to solve your problem of being tired and then wondering why you're like that.

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Q: Why am i pale and tired?
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