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In water, the nile crocodile would win and eat the moose. On land, the moose and the crocodile have a winning match if the moose does not slice the crocodile with its antlers.

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Q: Who would win moose or nile crocodile?
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Who'd win a fight tiger or the nile crocodile?

nile crocodile who would win

What would win in a fight an American alligator or Nile crocodile?

Alligator:bigger and better

Who would win nile crocodile or cape buffalo?

Nile crocodile, the cape buffalo would stand no chance.

Who would win the fight crocodile or alligator not a nile alligator?


Who would win in a fight between a fully grown nile river crocodile and a hippo?

Probably the nile river crocodile.

Who would win in a fight a nile crocodile or a American alligator?

Nile Crocodile, because more deadly and 200 attacks per year.

Who would win in a fight African rock python or nile crocodile?

A Nile Crocodile would most likely win the fight because the Croc could easily eat the African Rock Python.

Who would win in a fight between a nile river crocodile and a polar bear?

A polar bear would win the fight on land if it clawed the crocodile's head and flipped its body to claw its stomach. In water, the crocodile would definitely win the fight.

What would win a fight - an alligator or crocodile?


Who would win croc or alligator?

Depends on the species were using but lets say American Alligator vs Nile Crocodile than the Crocodile wins.

Who would win a fight a crocodile or a bull moose?

A crocodile and a bull moose would never meet in the wild, but even if they did fight, either may win. A saltwater crocodile would beat a bull moose in water because of its 2000 pounded weight, sharp tough skin, and enormous size with the jaws. If they fought on land, the bull moose could trample the saltwater crocodile to death, but the saltwater crocodile might be too heavy and too big for the bull moose to kill. Even though the bull moose on the rut can kill a grizzly bear or a brown bear, the saltwater crocodile could drag an alive polar bear to the water and drown it! Saltwater crocodiles are like the strongest creatures on land and water!

Who will win in a battle an American alligator or the the nile crocodile?

The nile crocodile. It is larger, better armed, more aggressive, stronger, and has a more powerful jaw.

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