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There are far too many variables in this type of question to get a straight-forward answer.

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Definitely the elephant would win.

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a nile croc by height

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Q: Who would win in a fight between an ox a grizzly bear a bull and a saltwater crocodile?
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What is the number of the episode luffy face sir crocodile?

The fight between Luffy and Crocodile starts from episode 122

Who would win a fight between a grizzly bear and a draft horse?

It's really hard to say. A draft horse is a very large animal, an animal that even a grizzly would think twice of scrapping with. And yet a grizzly is a fierce animal itself when cornered, even by a large horse. So the fight could really go either way.

Who would win a fight 2 black bears a grizzly bear and a polar bear?

It's likely that the polar bear might win the fight. 2 black bears would first go for the grizzly bear and work together to swat that thing to death, but a grizzly bear would also fight back. If the grizzly bear did this, it might have a chance to win, but it could get seriously hurt. Then, the polar bear could kill the injure grizzly bear by biting that thing on the throat.

Who would win in a fight a wolf or a hippo?

That is a trick question, if the fight were to be near a lake or forest, the bear would win. If the fight were to take place up in a rocky place, the mountain lion would win. if the fight were to be in a lake, the crocodile would win.

Who would win in a fight a bison or a grizzly bear?

I think grizzly because anacond knows that it cannot swallow the animal of that size when it sees the grizzly it would try to ignore the fight and search for easy meal.same thing for grizzly which is strong but lazy and opt for easy meal.when the fighting (and killing) is only the option to survive,then the fighting starts.Anaconda will be the one to attack first sine it will be more desperate to kill the grizzly than grizzly itself because the size of grizzly will be intimidating for anaconda and will consider it as a threat.when under attack,bear will use it's powerful paws and try to avoid being constricted and also in this process it will cause serious injuries to anaconda.Even though it has thick skin it is till not thigh enough to tolerate blows from grizzly.Even anaconda makes an attempt to bite grizzly,the bear will give some powerful punches to anaconda,because it still not tired and has more stamina.Also,grizlly is smarter,so it will manage to escape from the constriction of anaconda and will never to give punches to anaconda when ever it gets an chance.Having exhasuted,Anaconda will try to retreat,but grizzly will try to bite the anconda's neck and finish,anaconda is no match for grizzly.Grizzly and polar bear bears are the largest predator.However the both of them might have a trouble with Bengal tiger which is more aggressive and also smarter in using his strength.

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Who would win a fight a grizzly bear or a crocodile?

The grizzly bear would maul the crocodile on land if the crocodile tried to attack the grizzly bear. Grizzly bears have strengths to kill a crocodile, no matter what species. In water, the crocodile may win.

Who'd win the fight saltwater crocodile or alligator?

It is hard to say who would win a fight between these two animals. In general, saltwater crocodiles are larger but alligators are faster. In a fight judged purely on bite force, the crocodile would win.

Who would win in a fight between a Saltwater Crocodile and a Great White Shark?

I saw a video of this five minutes ago on animal planet and the shark won!

What would win in a fight an American alligator or Nile crocodile?

Since most crocs are larger and more aggressive, I would go with the crocodile.

Who would win a fight a crocodile or a bull moose?

A crocodile and a bull moose would never meet in the wild, but even if they did fight, either may win. A saltwater crocodile would beat a bull moose in water because of its 2000 pounded weight, sharp tough skin, and enormous size with the jaws. If they fought on land, the bull moose could trample the saltwater crocodile to death, but the saltwater crocodile might be too heavy and too big for the bull moose to kill. Even though the bull moose on the rut can kill a grizzly bear or a brown bear, the saltwater crocodile could drag an alive polar bear to the water and drown it! Saltwater crocodiles are like the strongest creatures on land and water!

Who would win in a fight between a crocodile and a phytoon?

crocodile wins

Who would win in a fight between a crocodile and a gnu?

Probably the crocodile.

Who'd win a fight polar bear or salt water crocodile?

Killer whales can kill which animal in the ocean they want. If it is 1 animal the orca would be even with, it would be the sperm whale. Killer whale beat saltwater crocodile. But in a fight between orca and croc, i would give 80% to the orca and 20% to the croc. In the worst case, 60% to the orca and 40% to the croc. They're little even in all cases. Before I thought 40% to croc and 60% to the orca. But now i think 80% to the orca and 20% to the croc.

When they meet who wins the fight between a polar bear and a grizzly bear?

a polar bear will most likely win in a fight against a grizzly bear

Who would win a fight between a crocodile or shark?


Who would win in a fight between a nile river crocodile and a polar bear?

A polar bear would win the fight on land if it clawed the crocodile's head and flipped its body to claw its stomach. In water, the crocodile would definitely win the fight.

Who will win in fight between grizzly bear and lion?

Again, the grizzly bear, but it could die from the hot weather in africa.