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Q: Who would win captain price or woods?
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Who would win Wolverine vs Captain America?

Wolverine, he's the best there is at what he does

Who would win in a fight Captain Crunch or Mr Clean?

Opinions on who would win: Captain Crunch or Mr. Clean:Neither. Both are pacifists.Mr Clean will clean up Captain CrunchMr. Clean would definitely win, because he has muscles. And captain crunch isn't even a pirate and he's old!If Mr Clean has been eating Capt Crunch cereal for awhile, I believe Capt Crunch would win. Because it's like eating rocks & sand, leaving your mouth terribly raw and painful. If Capt Crunch could just get in one sucker-punch to the mouth, Mr Clean would be in so much pain, Capt Crunch may well be able to finish him off.Mr clean would have the place so slippery that he would fall down and then the Captain would just CRUNCH him !!The Captain Out Ranks Mr Clean,The military always wins.Mr Clean will beat him up but Captain Crunch will CRUNCH him with his ship.I believe Captain crunch would win, the captain has backup beings that he is in charge, where as all Mr. Clean has is a shiny head and some chemicals. Most would think the chemicals would kill, but I'm betting that the sugared up kids would get around to damage first.Dude, have you seen Mr. Clean? In a one on one fight, Mr. Clean would win. He's got the muscles for it. Captain Crunch looks fat to me...Mr. Clean would naturally win. After all, when Captain Crunch is done making a mess, Mr Clean is still around, and going strong, to clean up all that mess.I say Mr. Clean because he could spray cleaner stuff in everyone else's eyes and they would be all "no, it burns!"Mr. Clean would win because he cleans up after captain crunchI would have to say it would be The Captain due to his vast military background and awesome crunch.Besides he fights hunger and mr clean just cleans up after him.Oh, definitely Mr. Clean. He's bald.Captain Crunch because he has a sick mustache

Who would win in a fight a daddy long leg or a black widow?

Captain America! Black Widow might be agile and quick, but Captain America is super strong and has that unbreakable shield.

Who would win cougar vs elephant?

The elephant would win.

Who would win Persian or barbarian?

obviously army to army Persians would win by tactics but one to one a barbarian would win

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Who would win Captain America or venom?

Captain America

Who would win in a fight batman or Captain America?

Captain America

Who would win Captain America or predator wolf?

captain america

Who would win roman soldiers or Captain America?

captain america

Who would win in a fight between Scream and Captain America?

captain America

Who would win in a fight Captain America or Iron Man?

captain america

Who would win Jenny Wakeman or Captain Underpants?

definently Captain Underpants

Who would win in a fight Yuri or Price?

Price would

Who would win Iron Man vs Captain America?

Captain America would win not only does iron man have iron on but captain america has a metal shield and he was the first army American solider

Who would win in a fight Captain America or Khan?

I would have to say Khan, he looks smarter than Captain America.

What will you do to the price if you win this pageant?

it would be a crown a cash price.

Captain America vs batman who would win?