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The eagle can zoom through the air and do damage on the bull's body.

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Q: Who would win an eagle or a bull?
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Who would win in a fight - an eagle or a snake?

The king cobra has a greater reach and more toxic venom, so it would likely win.

Which would win in a fight a polar bear or a bull?

The bull would win, unless the polar bear bites its face or claws the bull down.

Which animal would win a fight a bull or a panther?

the bull

How will win Doberman or pit bull?

The pit bull would win. A doberman is built for speed, when the pit bull is built for power. The dobermann would win. Known as the unstoppable attack dog.

Who would win in a fight a Moose or a Bull?

A bull will win because mooses are weak very weak

Who would win a figth the golden eagle or the bald eagle?

not sure

Who would win a cow or a bull?

A bull is a kind of cow, but comparing the averages, a bull, being a male would have more core strength and large horns, so I predict a bull would win most of the time in a fight.

Golden eagle vs stellar sea eagle who would win?

Golden eagle vs stellar eagle?

What would win a vulture or a eagale?

Eagle !

Which would win a Buffalo or bull who would win?

The Bear because they will not hesitate and they have very sharp claws and stand up on 2 legs!

Who would when pit bull or bullterrier?

If you are referring to which would win, a Boston bull can run faster than either the pit or bull terrier but if you are referring to something other than a race then the police would win.

Who Would Win a eagle or secretary bird?

a condor can because it is bigger than an eagle and can attack it