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Q: Who will Jacob end up with?
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Who will Jacob end up with in breaking dawn?

Jacob will end up with nobody in Breaking Dawn. Reneesmee is still a child then.

Did Bella end up with Jacob?

No, Bella did not end up with Jacob. But you should finish the series to see what does happen! Happy reading!

Does Jacob and rensemee end up in breaking down?

First of all it's Breaking Dawn and yes Jacob and Rensemee end up in Breaking Dawn

Who does Jacob end up liking?

In Breaking Dawn, Jacob Black imprints on Renesmee Carlie Cullen (Nessie for short) Who is Bella and Edward's daughter. So in the end they end up together

Does Bella end up with Jacob?

She ends up with Edward and they have a baby

Will renesmee marry Jacob in breaking dawn?

no but she gets imprinted by jacob. and they they end up together

Does Jacob Black end up with reneesme?

Yes he does. When Jacob sees Renesmee for the first time, he imprints on her

Does Bella end up with Jacob or edward?

she ends up with Edward and they have a baby.. but she gets very close to Jacob in new moon when Edward leaves her. but in the end she chooses Edward.

Will Jacob end up with anyone at the end of Breaking dawn?

Jacob will end up imprinting (it's a wolf thing) on Bella and Edward's baby Renesme. It explains why Bella and Jacob are so connected even though she is completely in love with Edward. It sounds gross, but when you read the books it really is good.

Who does Bella end with Edward or Jacob?

Bella ends up with Edward.

What is the plot to water for elephants?

This no good dirty girl, who is married, cheets on her husband, with Jacob [[(Rober Pattison)]]. She ends up having a baby with Jacob, and her husband trys to kill Jacob. In the end Jacob ends up killing her husband, and has more kids with the girl.

Does renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black end up togethet?

Yeah. Then they both die.