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she ends up with Edward and they have a baby.. but she gets very close to Jacob in new moon when Edward leaves her. but in the end she chooses Edward.

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In the end, Bella marries Edward and has a child with him.

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Q: Does Bella end up with Jacob or edward?
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Who does Bella end with Edward or Jacob?

Bella ends up with Edward.

Does Bella end up with Jacob?

She ends up with Edward and they have a baby

Did Bella and Jacob end up together in Breaking Dawn?

Nope. Bella loves him, but she is IN love with Edward, and only Edward.

Are Jacob Edward and Bella separate from each other?

After edward and Bella marry, Jacob wants to be appart, but later renesme comes in the picture and Jacob imprints on her. So they all end up together.

Will Jacob end up with anyone at the end of Breaking dawn?

Jacob will end up imprinting (it's a wolf thing) on Bella and Edward's baby Renesme. It explains why Bella and Jacob are so connected even though she is completely in love with Edward. It sounds gross, but when you read the books it really is good.

Why did Jacob want Bella to break up with Edward?

Because Jacob loves Bella that's why

Who does Jacob end up liking?

In Breaking Dawn, Jacob Black imprints on Renesmee Carlie Cullen (Nessie for short) Who is Bella and Edward's daughter. So in the end they end up together

Does Bella want to break up with edward for Jacob?


Who does Bella love the most Edward or Jacob?

Bella loves edward the most. She ends up with him and has his child.

Does anyone try to break Edward or Bella up?

No, Bella and Edward had aready broken up when Jacob begins his relationship with her.

What is supposed to happen in new moon?

Bella decides to celebrate her birthday with Edward and his vampire family. But when she cuts herself and Jasper Cullen makes a leap for her, the vampires leave Forks, so that Bella will no longer be in danger. After they have gone Bella gets close to handsomw warewolf Jacob. But Bella can't stop thinking about Edward, so will she end up chosing Jacob or Edward? she goes of with Jacob then with edward!

What book character does Edward Cullen dislike in Twilight?

Edward Cullen doesn't like Jacob because Jacob is a werewolf. Jacob also doesnt like Edward. Billy(Jacob dad) wants Bella to break up with Edward. Billy paid Jacob to go to Bella dance and talk to her about breaking up with Edward. Edward also doesnt like James. Who try to kill Bella in Twilight.