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To start with, Robert comes from an extremely loving, and supportive family, who are aften with him even though their family home is in London...His Mother and Father are still together after 31 yrs., and he has 2 older sisters that are close in age to him. Robert and his sisters, at a young age, were involved with many, many things, such as; music lessons, drama, art, sports, dance. Robert is a great writer, and at college, even considered a career in political writing. He has played the piano and guitar since the age og 3+. There involvement in so much, thanks to their parents, and their love and support of each other, is what helped them to acheive what they have today...Victoria, 29 is and advertising agent, Lizzy, 27 is a popular singer in the UK, and actually has an album out, and we know where Robert is...Robert also, has always stated that Harry Potter, is what helped the most, in his decision to act...And as far as Twilight, i believe Kristen Stewart had alot to do with him getting the part. Out of the last four people considered, she said, "Robert hands down" is who she wanted to work with. Everyone agreed they had the most chemistry...I believe Water for Elephants, and a director like David Cronenberg wanting Robert in his next movie, will be what helps him to continue. They say, if he, and these movies do well, his career is basically secured. :)

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Q: Who were other people who helped Robert pattinson achieve his goals?
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