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Quite a smart guy, he likes to hang out, he is funny, very quite, not so shy because he can act in front of people...

(P'S he is very sexy<3!)

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umm....a real actor umm....a real actor umm....a real actor

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Robert Pattinson is extremely cute and dreamy and romantic

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Yes, Robert Pattinson is a real peson. He is not a computer graphic image.

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Q: How is Robert Pattinson in real life?
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Does Robert Pattinson smokes in real life?

Yes, Robert smokes in real life.

In real life is she in love with Robert Pattinson?

No, Kristen Stewart is not in love with Robert Pattinson, as far as we know of. :)

Is Robert pattinson and kristine Stewart a couple in real life?

they were...

What id Edwards name in real life?

Robert pattinson

Does Robert Pattinson have a a brother in real life?

No, but he has two sisters

Who is the girlfriend of Robert Pattinson on real life?

Kristen Stewart

What is edward real name in real life?

Edward Cullen's name, before he became a vampire, was Edward Mason. His real name in normal life is Robert Pattinson.

Is Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart married in real life?

No they are not married.

Does edward shower in real life?

Yes, Robert Pattinson showers.

Did Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have a baby in real life?


Is Robert Pattinson like his character Edward Cullen in real life?

Of course not.

Are kristen stewart and robert pattinson married in real life?

No, they are not. They are currently dating.