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Q: Who is cutter Joe Jonas or Robert Pattinson?
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Is Joe Jonas jealous of Robert Pattinson?

Joe Jonas is not jeolous of Robert Pattinson. He likes his fans as much as Rob's.

Who is hotter Joe Jonas or Robert Pattinson?

Joe Jonas obviously

Is joe Jonas jelous of Robert Pattinson?


Is Joe Jonas starring in twilight?

No Robert Pattinson is the star and he is GEORGOUS =p~ No Robert Pattinson is the star and he is GEORGOUS =p~

Is camille belle cheating on Joe Jonas?

omg stupid camille belle! im a huge Jonas brothers fan! but camille belle is cheating on joe Jonas, cause camille has been spotted hanging out with Robert pattinson

Is Joe Jonas ga?

gay? no, hes dating camielle....or was dating her, cause now you mostly see her "flirting" with Robert pattinson.

Why did camila break up with Joe Jonas?

Because Camilla Belle had a previous relationship with Robert Pattinson whom she was still attached to.

Is Percy good looking or Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas was cute before then Robert Pattinson but a new star is coming by, Logan Lerman. Me and all the people I know discussed it. Here's the results: Joe Jonas 10% Logan Lerman 70% Robert Pattinson 20% p.s. I got the results for national and they're the same results. Also, the Percy and the Olympians movie comes out on February 12, 2010

Camilla Belle loves Joe Jonas?

well we don't know yet cuz we all know that maybe camilla is ditching joe cuz she is hanging out with Robert pattinson...

Does Robert Pattinson like Green Day?

Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day and Robert Pattinson are friends in real life. Billie Joe has also said in interviews that he thinks Robert Pattinson is a good actor.

Does lilrob have a girlfriend?

He has been hanging out with Camilla Belle, known as Joe and Nick's lover... Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Rob Pattinson are all crushing on her!!!!

Does Robert like Joe Jonas?

No. He likes The Beatles.