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yes, Robert Pattinson plays the piano in real life

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Q: Did edward actually play the piano song in twilight?
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What instrument did edward play for Bella in the book twilight?

The piano

What was the name of the music edward play on the piano in twilight?

Bella's lullaby

What does Edward Collen play on the piano?

Edward Collen plays classical music on the piano. He is known for his renditions of Chopin, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff.

Which instrument does actor Robert Pattinson actually play in the twilight?


Did Robert really play the piano in twilight?

They actually recorded him playing, but he wasn't playing live when they were filming. So yes and no :P He can play piano though.

Where can you go to learn how to play Edward Cullen's lullaby on piano?

What scene in twilght does Bella's lullaby play?

Bella's lullaby plays in "Twilight" during the scene where Edward plays it on the piano for Bella. This moment occurs when Bella is in Edward's room and he reveals that he composed the lullaby for her.

What instrument does Edward Cullen play?

The piano, and clarinet

What instrument did Edward Kennedy Ellington play?


What is Edward's favorite song to play on the piano?

Yes it is. The title is "Bella's Lullaby" and the artist is Carter Burwell. You could also look under the Twilight Soundtrack.

What part of the movie is Bella's lullaby played in?

when Bella and Edward are up in the tree, then it continues on to when he plays the piano to Bella. (Rob can actually play it!!!)

Who were the runners up to play Edward Cullen in twilight?

Kellan Lutz (Emmett) had the part to play Edward Cullen, but switched to play Emmett.