Who was the creator of anime?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I'm not qute sure but I know the first feature lengh anime was directed by Mitsuyo Seo. --- Osamu Tezuka is the father of Anime.

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J. Stuart Blackton is regarded as the father of American animation .

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Q: Who was the creator of anime?
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Who is the creator of the anime show bleach?

Tite Kubo is the creator of the original story (the manga) and the anime show was produced by Studio Pierrot.

How can you become an anime creator?

Yes, but you have to be good with drawing anime, and make a good storyline.

Who is the creator of the anime mamotte lollipop?

Michiyo Kikuta .

Who is the creator of Astro Boy?

The godfather of anime - Osamu Tezuka .

Who is Rumiko Takashi from Inuyasha?

He is the creator of both the Inuyasha anime as well as the manga.

Does a creator of light card exist?

No, there is no physical card for this monster, it is anime-only.

Who created the Anime Momtaro?

Eric Johnson and co-creator Alvin Chang brought Anime Momotaro to the stage. It is a retelling of the Japanese childhood fable Momotaro in an Anime style setting.

Where to buy creator of light Yu-Gi-Oh card?

There is no such card as Horahkti - Creator of Light, it wasn't even a real card in the anime.

Where can you watch yotsuba the anime now?

actually, there is no episode about Yotsuba there is only the books. Creator of Yotsuba is making Show for azumanga daioh.

What are Masashi Kishimoto's interests?

Becoming famous using his anime and manga. And as far as i seen using Naruto will make him top anime creator. Maybe manga

Will there be an anime of deltora quest 2?

No i dont think there will be i think the creator might be out of the business but who knows?

Who was the creator of honey and clover anime?

Producer: J.C. StaffDirector: Kenichi KasaiCREATOR: CHIKA UMINO.