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Shinichiro Watanabe .

渡辺信一郎 Watanabe Shinichirou is a director from Sunrise Studio who directed the anime series Cowboy Bebop.

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Q: Who is the creator of Cowboy Bebop?
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When was Cowboy Bebop created?

Cowboy Bebop was created in 1998.

When was Music of Cowboy Bebop created?

Music of Cowboy Bebop was created on 1998-06-03.

When is Cowboy Bebop live action movie coming out?

Cowboy BeBop with Keanu Reeves has a tentative release date of 2011 .

Will cowboy bebop be available in Blu-ray?

Yes , Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is available in Blu-ray .

Who created cowboy bebop?

Shinichiro Watanabe created the anime series "Cowboy BeBop" (and Samurai Champloo) .

How many alien races are in the Cowboy Bebop Universe?

There are no alien races in Cowboy Bebop (But in the Cowboy Bebop universe, and fan-fiction also; there are trillions of them (with hundreds of thousands of them in each galaxy)).

Is cowboy bebop the best anime ever made?

That depends on how YOU look at it. In my Opinion I like Cowboy Bebop, but that's just me.

When was Cowboy Bebop published?

Cowboy BeBop Shooting Star nos. 1 : 2003-04-08 & 2 : 2003-06-10 .

How many episodes are there of Cowboy Bebop?

There are 26 episodes and an Anime movie. Also, they are in the "makings" of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (starring Keanu Reeves).

Where can you buy the cowboy bebop movie?

To watch "Cowboy Bebop the Movie" in its fullest quality and potential, it is recommended to support the company by buying the DVD, but to watch it online for free these are recommended: http:/ http:/ You may also simply search "Watch Cowboy Bebop the Movie" in a web engine, and since it is so popular, many options are bound to appear. Or you can try the link below.

What is the best anime show ever?

Cowboy Bebop

What Anime Takes place in the future?

cowboy bebop