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Blanche and Charles Jones sr.

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Q: Who was sir Charles Jones the blues singer parents?
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What is sir Charles Jones wife name?

Sir Charles Jones does not list an alternative name on any bio of his online. He is a well known blues and soul singer.

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How old is Sir Charles?

Referring to his nickname "Sir Charles", Charles Barkley is 53 years old (born February 20, 1953.Blues singer Sir Charles Jones (not a title) was born April 25, 1973.

How old is blues singer sir charles jones?

UK actor Charlie Jones (EastEnders) is 21 years old (birthdate: June 23, 1996).UK singer Charlie Jones (of Stereo Kicks) is 18 years old (birthdate December 20, 1999).UK bassist Stephen Charles Jones (of Goldfrapp) was born in 1963.US sportscaster Charlie Jones died in 2008 at the age of 77 (born November 9, 1930).

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