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Q: The singer known as the Empress of the Blues is?
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What was Bessie smith name?

Bessie Smith was known as "the Empress of the Blues".

What was Bessie smith nick name?

Bessie Smith was known as "the Empress of the Blues".

Who was nickanmed the empress of the blues and became the highest paid African American entertainer of the 1920s?

Bessie Smith Smith

The empress of the blues?

Bessie Smith

Who was empress of blues?

Bessie Smith

What is a professional blues singer?

A singer of the style known as "The Blues" who can say that they have taken money for performing. Or, have been remunerated in some actual way for performances rendered.

Who was nicknamed Empress of the blues?

Bessie smith

What is Bessie smith's nickname?

"Empress of the Blues"

What was Bessie Smith nicknamed?

Empress of the Blues

Who were entertainers in the 1920's?

Charlie Chapman was a comedian / actor. Harry Houdini was a magician who was a master escape artist. Louis Armstrong was a jazz musician. George Gershwin was a music composer. Bessie Smith was a singer, known to be the empress of the blues.

What genre of music did Bessie smith sing?

THAT she was popular and bassie sang type of music called blues.

Considered the greatest female blues vocalist of the 1920s who was the empress of the blues?

Bessie Smith