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one way 70's 80's group.

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Q: Who sung you laid a whammy on me?
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What kind of whammy does Whammy have in it that Press What if your Luck doesn't?

double whammy

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Matt Nathanson. The Original was sung by "James".

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Whammy Kiss was created in 1983.

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Either get your whammy fixed somehow, or you're screwed. Sorry.

How do beat a whammy in Guitar Hero 3?

If you're talking about whammy in battle mode, just whammy as fast as you can until it goes away. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooob Some guitars seem to have a problem that the whammy bar won't sense when it is totally pressed down. If that happens you won't be able to stop a whammy attack.

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they both have a whammy bar, the newer ones just don't come with the whammy on the guitar(for some odd reason.)

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There are a number of places where a DigiTech whammy pedal can be purchased. Sites such as Amazon, eBay and Musician Friend all keep stock of and sell the whammy pedal.

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What are the release dates for Johnny Midnight - 1960 The Whammy?

Johnny Midnight - 1960 The Whammy was released on: USA: 1960

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The Digitech Whammy pedal is a permanent replacement for a persons pedalboard. The Whammy creates new sounds as well as feelings and textures. This product can be bought on Amazon for around 199.95.