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"Sung" is the past form of the verb "Sing". It could be used like... * She sung about the joys of springtime. * We listened as the birds sung in the trees all around us. * I saw you last night when you sung the National Anthem for the Baseball game.

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sung is the past participle of sing. It is used like this.

We should practice, I have never sung that song before.

sang is the past (simple) of sing. it is used like this:

We sang the same old songs all night.

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Q: What is the difference between sung and sang?
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What is the difference between sung and sang hung and hang?

Sung and Hung are both past participles.

How do you use the word sung in a sentence?

The anthem was sung with strength and grace. He sang it as if the notes were springing from him as a new song. I switched from passive to active voice so you could see the difference between sung and sang. If you are expressing the simple past tense, use sang. I sang, you sang, he sang. If you are using more complex tenses, use sung, the past participle. You would not say the anthem was sang, and you would not say he sung the anthem.

When you were at school you sang in the choir sang or sung?

Either "You sang" or "You have sung," but never "You sung."

When was Sing Sang Sung created?

Sing Sang Sung was created on 2009-09-28.

What is the past tense from sing?

sang, not sung. "I sang a song" is correct, but "I sung a song" is not. You would say "I have sung a song", which is present perfect tense.

What is the present perfect tense of sang?

Sang is the past tense of sing. The present perfect tense of sing is I/We/You/They had sung; He/She/It has sung.

What is the antonym of unsung?


To have sung in the past tense?


Is sing sang sung correct past tense?

Sing is present tense, sang is past tense, and sung is the past participle.

What verb is correct sang or sung?

Both are correct in their own usage. Sang is past tense: "I sang in the school choir last year". Sung is part participle: "A number of well-known anthems were sung at the festival"s

When should you use sang or sung?

I will sing. I have sung. You use "sung" after have, had, and those words. Ex. I will go sing for you. I have sung for you.

What is past tense of sung?

"Sung" is actually one of the past tenses for "sing". The other would be "sang". Example - Present: You sing very well, Past: You sung nicely / You sang nicely.