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Punjabi is the language that most bhangra music is sung in. How it is sung would depend on the particular song, whether it is fast or a slower song.

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Q: What language is bhangra music sung in And how is it sung?
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What language is Italian music sung in?

Italian music sung in Italian.

What language was religious music sung in?

It was - and is - sung in many different languages.

Is there a bass line in bhangra music?

Yes, there is a bass line in bhangra music, depending on the particular song being played.

What are the drum beats like in bhangra music?

Much of the drum beats in bhangra music are similar to sticks hitting a wooden log. This is due to the dhol drumming.

What is the speed of Bhangra music?

140-180 bpm

What are 3 areas of Bhangra music?

Jhumar, Giddha, Daankara

What are the 3 main types of Bhangra music?

Jhumar, Giddha, Daankara

What is bhangra?

Bhangra is a lively style of music originating in India, or a Punjabi traditional folk dance, originally performed as a celebration of the harvest.

Where did Lambada music originate?

Lambada music was begun in Brazil. The music is sung in Portuguese, which is the national language in Brazil. The music is dance is quite popular, even today.

What type of music is popular in India?

Bhangra is the top music in India and many other countries with predominately Indian populations.

Can a riff in music be sung?

yes a riff in music can be sung for sure

What language is the music in Mexico sung in?

Spanish. English songs are also popular among many segments of the population.