Who sung Like A Prayer?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Madonna Ritchie

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Q: Who sung Like A Prayer?
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What is a prayer that is sung that rhymes with 'mom'?


When is the Hebrew prayer habet sung?

There isn't any Hebrew prayer called "habet"

What is the name of the song that starts with your My?

My Way was sung by Frank Sinatra. My Prayer was sung by The Platters. My Country Tis Of Thee is an American patriotic song. My Generation was sung by The Who.

What songs have Andre botcelli and Celine Dion sung together?

The Prayer

Did acdc ever perform the song livin on a prayer?

Livin on a prayer is sung by Bon Jovi.... I dont believe that ACDC has ever covered it :)

What song is played at the end of Buffy grave?

Prayer of St. Francis being sung by Sarah McLachlan

The sailors sung this hymn of prayer every evening?

they sang salve regina im not lying and i cant login

Did J s Bach write the music for the song of the Lord's Prayer?

The most famous setting of the Lord's Prayer sung at English speaking churches was composed by Albert Hay Malotte.

What is the kyrie chant?

A greek prayer, Kyrie eleison (Κύριε ελέησον), meaning "LORD, have mercy," that is often sung in Mass.

Can Panis Angelicus be sung at a wedding?

Yes, of course. It could be sung during the Preparation of the Gifts when the Bread and Wine are placed on the altar as the Priest prepares them for Holy Communion or it could be sung during the Distribution of Holy Communion to the Faithful or as a hymn during the Thanksgiving Period of Quiet Prayer after Holy Communion.

When was Like a Prayer created?

Like a Prayer was created on 1989-03-21.

Why do christians sing hymns?

Christians sing hymns, because its a bit like singing a prayer ! x