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"PAPERMOON" is by Tommy heavenly6

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Q: Who sings paper moon for soul eater?
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Who sings the second opening to soul eater?

Soul Eater's first opening theme song, "Resonance", is performed by T.M.Revolution.

Who sings the song black paper moon?

Well if you're talking about the 2nd opening song in the anime Soul Eater, its by the group "Tommy heavenly6" although the music video is weird...

What is the name of the 2nd opening of soul eater?

In Episode 31^^

Who sings the second ending to soul eater?

Nishino Kana

Who sings the soul eater 3rd opening?

If you mean the third opening for Soul Eater, which is also the first opening of Soul Eater Repeat Show, then it's Counter Identity by Unison Square Garden. But if you mean the third ending, then it's Bakusou Yumeuta by Diggy-MO'.

Who sings the song so scandalous from soul eater?

Iwasaki Taku. (his English is really good, isn't it?)

What is the name of the 2nd series of soul eater?

Soul Eater Not!

Is soul eater a keyblade?

yes soul eater is a keyblade

What is Soul Eater rated?

Soul Eater is rated 15.

Will soul eater have a new series out soon?

There's a new Soul Eater manga series called Soul Eater Not!.

Will they be making a new series related to soul eater called soul eater not?

Soul eater is already a anime if thats what you meant.

When was Soul Eater - novel - created?

Soul Eater - novel - was created in 2006.