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Cuba Gooding Jr.

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Q: Who plays Buck from the movie Home on the Range?
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What is the pixar movie called with three cows?

Home on the Range, was a Walt Disney production. Not sure about Pixar - the movie is not in their listing.

Who plays the alien in home movie?

Jim Parsons

What is the duration of Buck Privates Come Home?

The duration of Buck Privates Come Home is 1.28 hours.

Did Uncle Buck Inspire The Movie Home Alone?

John Hughes [the director of Buck] did suggest to Chris Columbus [the director of Alone] to hire Macaulay Culkin, but No, the two movies had nothing to do with each other.

Are they making a Home on the Range 2 movie?

I don't know, but I think so.

When was Buck Privates Come Home created?

Buck Privates Come Home was created on 1947-04-04.

What are the names of the cows from the animated movie Home on the Range?

Maggie, Grace & Mrs. Calloway

Name of a movie where retirement home plays a youthful game?

"Twilight Zone: The Movie" (1983). The second segment is "Kick The Can".

Who plays Jake in the movie sweet home Alabama?

Josh Lucas

What has the author Almeda Rhoads Buck written?

Almeda Rhoads Buck has written: 'Home runs'

Where is Buck's house?

Buck's house is in the survival place when you are going to Stark mountain next to the Poke center

Is Buck's home open to fans to visit?