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Al Jolson

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Q: Who played in the first major sound movie?
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What was significant about the movie jazz singer?

It was the first "talking picture," where prerecorded sound and dialogue was played with the movie.

What established actor was the first to play the role of Don Juan in a movie?

John Barrymore played Don Juan in a film made in 1926. It was the first movie to synchronize sound effects into a sound track.

What is the first movie with picture and sound?

The first movie with picture and sound was "The Jazz Singer".

Was 'Citizen Kane' the first major film that had sound?

NO. The movie came out in 1941, a good 14 years after sound came into the picture(s).

What man directed Britain's first movie with sound?

Alfred Hitchcock directed the first British movie with sound. The movie was titled Blackmail.

What was the first movie to use sound dialog?

The first movie to use sound dialog is The Jazz Singer (original version from 1927).

The first movie that utilized sound was called?

A movie using sound was called a "talking" picture, or a "talky".

What is the oldest full length movie with sound?

As The jazz singer was the first movie with sound it would have to be that.(1927).

Who played Rolf in the movie Sound of Music?

Daniel Truhitte

When was the first time the sound was added to a movie?

Sound was added to a movie for the first time in April 1923, it was a short film that was showed in New York City. The first theatrical motion picture with a sound track (only in certain parts of the movie) was "The Jazz Singer" in 1929.

What is the name of the first movie with sound?


Edward Burns played Travis Ryer in this movie?

A Sound of Thunder