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Kimbo Slice

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Q: Who played bludge on the drake and josh movie?
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Who plays bludge in merry Christmas drake and josh?

Kevin 'Kimbo Slice' Ferguson

Who played the cop at the end of the movie who arrested Josh in Merry Christmas Drake and Josh?

Your mom helped

Will there be another drake and josh movie?

I heard somewhere that their might be a drake and josh movie in production starting in June or July of 2008.Drake & Josh Movie is coming to nickelodeon in 2014.

When does the drake and josh movie premiere in the UK?

The Drake and Josh movie premiere has already been in the U.K.

Should Drake and Josh appear in iCarly?

Only on iBloopers shows Drake Bell in a part.

Was drake bell from the show drake and josh?

Yes he played Drake Parker.

Will there be another Drake and Josh movie called Drake and Josh in New York?

You'll need to wait to find out.

What was Miranda Cosgrove's first movie?

it was the drake and josh movie

Who plays Cory on Drake and Josh?

Mateo Arias played Reggie on Drake and Josh.

What is the song played by drake in his movie drake and josh go Hollywood in the community centre?

"Don't Preach" off his 2005 solo album "Telegraph."

How many episodes does Drake and Josh have?

There are 60 episodes of Drake and Josh from the first one "Pilot" to the last "Dance Contest." These 60 episodes includes 2 Drake and Josh movies: "Drake and Josh Go To Hollywood" and "Drake and Josh: Really Big Shrimp." One movie not included in the 4 seasons is "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh."

Was drake bell naked in a movie?

yes he was in merry Christmas drake and josh.