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Q: Who plays bludge in merry Christmas drake and josh?
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Who plays Luke in Merry Christmas drake and josh?

Devon Graye plays Luke in Merry Christmas Drake and Josh.

Who plays Mary Alice in Merry Christmas drake and josh?

Jordan Tewkesbury

Who plays the two twins in merry Christmas drake and josh?

Camille Goldstein & Cosette Goldsyein

What is the girl that plays the foster girls name in drake and josh merry Christmas?

The character's name is Mary Alice Johansson. That character is played by Bailee Madison.

Who is Amy Schlagel?

she is the little girl who plays merry on Christmas in wonder land

What insturmant does Kenny g play in we wish you a merry Christmas?

he plays the clarinet and the saxophone

Who plays Mary Alice on Merry Christmas Drake and Josh?

Bailee Maddison plays Mary Alice and she's also Maybelle on Bridge to Terebithia and she will be staring in season 4 of wizards of Waverly place.Alex and Justin are gonna turn max into a girl so they could have a better chance at winning the wizard competition and bailee maddison will be maxine.

Who plays Graig on Drake And Josh?


Is drake the guy off of degrassie?

yes drake plays jimmy brooks on degrassi

What NFL team does Drake Nevis play for?

Drake Nevis plays for the Carolina Panthers.

What are Christmas church plays?

Christmas church plays are plays at a church that feature events that came to be Christmas. It is a very religious event, where you can learn more about Christmas.

Rick Springfield plays what character in General hospital?

He plays Noah Drake, Patrick Drake's dad. Noah is a surgeon, just like Patrick.