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yes he does. he wears it in some episodes of drake and josh. and he wears it on drake and josh go Hollywood

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Q: Does Josh Peck from drake and josh have his ear pierce?
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What is Josh peck's salary for Drake and Josh?

josh peck licks vAGINAS

Is Josh Peck Josh on Drake and Josh?


Who plays josh in drake in josh?

Josh Peck

What is the real name of Josh Nickles of Drake and Josh?

Yes, the actors' real names are Drake Bell and Josh Peck.

Who plays Josh nichoals in drake and Josh?

Josh Peck

Who is the father of Josh from 'Drake and Josh'?

Josh Peck

What is josh nichols real name out of drake and josh?

Josh Peck

What is the name of two actor in drake and josh?

== Josh== Josh Peck ==

Is josh peck and drake bell going back to drake and josh?

I do not think so. The whole Drake and Josh thing is over.

Why did Josh peck kiss drake bell?

because on drake and josh it was written in the script

Are Drake Bell and Josh Peck brothers?

No they are best friends,partners in showbiz and Josh Peck and Drake are dating/married to sisters!

Who is penis is bigger drake bell or josh peck?

== == == == Drake Bell is much skinnier than Josh Peck. This is shown in Nickelodeon's Drake & Josh by Drake Schnieder. Josh Peck is bigger, his head is bigger and even Megan Parker thinks so too. Drake was skinnier than Josh in the earlier series of Drake and Josh. Coming towards the end, and after Drake and Josh finished, Josh lost a hec of a lot of weight. I am not sure who is skinnier now. I should think that Drake is probably still skinnier but Josh comes pretty close! Josh is 6'0 and Drake is 5'8 ish. So, Drake has always been skinnier in the earlier and later seasons of Drake & Josh. But, Josh is definitley at a good weight now in the later seasons. He should weigh a little bit more than Drake because of his height. Josh did a great job of dropping the pounds though drake is smaller than josh but josh still lost a lot of weight. and look alright then he use to