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Q: Who mimics Rogers cruelty and behaviour in lord if the flies?
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Who is rogers accomplice in Lord of the Flies?


Do sweat bees sting?

Yes, they do. Most times, what people call "sweat bees" are actually syrphid flies. They are true flies and do not sting but they do have the coloration that marks them as "bee mimics". See link

What is the weirdest plant in the rainforest?

This question is highly subjective to opinion, but one very weird plant in the rain forest is the rafflesia, which mimics the scent of rancid meat in order to attract flies which pollinate it.

What ways have the boys demonstrate cruelty so far in the lord of the flies?

The boys demonstrate cruelty in "Lord of the Flies" through actions such as bullying, exclusion, and violence against each other. This includes name-calling, physical intimidation, and even murder as they become increasingly savage and uncivilized on the deserted island.

Who is the bully in the lord of the flies chapter 4?

In chapter 4 of "Lord of the Flies," the bully is Roger. He displays aggression and cruelty towards the younger boys, using his power to intimidate and control them. Roger's behavior foreshadows the darkness within the group as they descend into savagery on the island.

What are the children turning into in Lord of the Flies?

In "Lord of the Flies," the children are not physically transforming into anything. However, they are symbolically degenerating into savagery and cruelty as they become increasingly disconnected from society's rules and norms on the deserted island.

Why did the boys put Robert in a circle in the lord of the flies?

The boys put Robert in a circle in "Lord of the Flies" as part of a mock ritual to reenact hunting the pig. It was a way for them to vent their aggression and demonstrate their power, blurring the lines between play and cruelty in their descent into savagery.

How does the behaviour of a maggot allow them to get inside a pheasant?

Maggots are the young of many insects including many types of flies. The adults lay eggs on dead animals.

4. How was the prophecy of the Lord of the Flies fulfilled?

In "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, the prophecy of the Lord of the Flies is fulfilled when the boys on the island descend into savagery and cruelty, led by the character Jack. The once well-ordered society deteriorates into violence and chaos, symbolizing the darker aspects of human nature. The Lord of the Flies, a severed pig's head on a stick, represents the innate evil within each individual.

What does roger say to Ralph as the appoarch the rock castle?

Roger does not say anything to Ralph as they approach the "rock castle" in the Lord of the Flies. Instead, Roger silently throws rocks at them from above, demonstrating his cruelty and violent tendencies.

What are Roger's strengths and weaknesses in Lord of the Flies?

Roger's strengths include his physical strength and his ability to carry out tasks efficiently. However, his weakness lies in his cruelty and lack of empathy, as shown by his willingness to inflict harm on others without remorse.

What is revealed about Rodger in Lord Of The Flies Chapter 4?

In Chapter 4 of "Lord of the Flies," it is revealed that Rodger enjoys exerting his power and control over others. He demonstrates his cruelty by intentionally throwing rocks near the littluns, showing a lack of empathy and concern for their well-being. Rodger's actions foreshadow the increasing savagery and brutality that will unfold on the island.