Who kills Dumbledore in no.6?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Do you really want to know without reading it first. Or are you waiting for the movie. If you want to spoil it ok Snape does. But Snape is also a good guy. So I won't tell you why he did. You have to wait until Number 7 for that one. If you want to know read it.

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Q: Who kills Dumbledore in no.6?
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Does Dumbledore give his life to Harry?

no he does not severus snape kills dumbledore

Is snape a good guy?

He is no way good, but he does work for Dumbledore, even when he kills him, he does it on Dumbledore's order.

Who were Beatrix Potters parents?

Snape kills Dumbledore

Does snape turn to Voldemort in the 5th?

no. in the 6th snape kills dumbledore. in the 7th, voldemort kills snape and harry kills voldemort

Does Dumbledore come back to life after Snape kills him?

No. The only other time Dumbledore is in the Books is in the 7th book. But he is not alive.

How was Dumbledore Already dying in Harry Potter?

SpoilersSnape kills Dumbledore with avada kedavra. It is later revealed that this is what Dumbledore wanted as he was already dying after being cursed by a horcrux.

In Harry Potter the Half Blood Prince what is an interesting part?

When snape turns on Dumbledore (at least you think he does) at the very end of the book and kills him. He actually kills him but it is all part of a plan Dumbledore had in the 7th book

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince how does Harry know that Dumbledore died?

When Dumbledore realizes that there are intruders in the Astronomy Tower, he immediately put a Stunning spell on the invisible Harry in order to hide him. When Snape kills Dumbledore, the spell binding Harry vanishes, making him sure of the fact that Dumbledore is dead.

Who kills the head master in the Harry Potter books?

Severus Snape kills Albus Dumbledore,Tom Riddle kills Severus Snape(and finally Tom Riddle kills himself accidentally, but he has never been headmaster, so that doesn't matter)

Does shion die in No6?

No. Shion lives in No.6

Where can you buy no6 heating oil in ma?

What colour is Avada Kadavra?

Usually Green but when Snape kills Dumbledore in Half Blood Prince, for some reasons it's blue.