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The best jedi who ever lived is Mace Windu. Some people say that Yoda is the best, but when he fought Empire Palpatine, he lost and when Windu fought him he could have killed him, but Anakin butted in and betrayed him. Oh, and obi-wan was the best soldier for the Republic. He only died to save Luke. He let himself get killed.

The best sith lord is Empire Palpatine. Hands down.

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Q: Who is the best jedi ever and who is the greatest sith lord?
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Who is the best lord?

the Greatest king inted he himself econadated his life which is lord kaski khan

Who was the first sith lord?

Darth sidous is not the first sith lord. The sith was orignally a species and then they died out now they are something like the jedi the first original sith lord was I think Naga Shadow naga shadow was the 5th or 6th sith lord the first dark jedi was xandor The first dark jedi was xandor but the first sith was Marka Ragnos. Wrong the first sith was Darth Bane and the first Jedi was Yoda

How many Jedi go with Mace Windu to confront the Chancellor once they find out he is a Sith Lord?

Three Jedi, I think.

Who was the first Jedi knight and Sith Lord?

So far, there is no record of the very first Jedi Knight and the very first Sith lord just yet ( starting from ( is someone different the first sith lord was Darth Bane who went into hiding when the Jedi thought the sith were extinct. then He raised an apprentice then she had and apprentice then he had an apprentice who was Darth sidious. And the first Jedi was Yoda who was 999 nine hundred and ninety nine when he died in Return of the Jedi )

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Neither. The Force is not with him.

Who can deafed Darth revan?

wrom sw nihilus sion jedi exile traya and with luck bretty much any sith lord or jedi knight

Darth Vader is the iconic Jedi Knight of which movie?

Darth Vader isn't a Jedi Knight. His very name means that he is a Sith Lord not a Jedi Knight. From the second Anakin Skywalker is dubbed Darth Vader by Palpatine Anakin Skywalker ceased to exist and Darth Vader was born. That was also the second that Anakin was no longer a Jedi Knight, he was officially a Sith Lord. So your question is faulty.

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Yes... in fact he is the Sith lord that is in control of the White House...

How popular is the lord of rings?

Most authors agree that it is the greatest piece of fiction EVER made

How do you play as a jedi in Star Wars battlefront 2 on PS2?

A simple way is to go to: INSTANT ACTION then chose: MOS EISLEY after choose: ASSAULT This will allow you to play as a Jedi or a Sith Lord against other Jedi/Sith

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