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IT looks like Juliette Lewis

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Q: Who is the actress who plays the mom in the ragu commercial?
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Who is the actress who plays the mom in the chase sapphire commercial with the Sethasaurus?

Gillian Vigman

Actress in progressive auto insurance commercial plays mom of four children?

The actress that plays a mom of four children, her name is Colleen Crabtree. She is an actress and a comedian and she was featured in 'Variety©' magazine

What actress plays the mom in the Volkswagen Tiguan Ridin' Dirty commercial?

Traylor Howard

Who is actress who plays mom in att you-verse commercial 2012 anita?

Ola Ray

Is the mom from the roll over milky minute commercial the mom from Home Alone?

Catherine O'Hara plays the mother in Home Alone and Home Alone II. She is not the same as the actress in the commercial.

Who is the mom in the daughter growing up in the back seat subaru commercial?

Jessica Lindsey (Actor/Actress) - Plays Mother

Actress in the pledge commercial?

The actress in the Pledge commercial is Kim Rhodes from The Suite Life of Zach and Cody fame. She plays Carey Martin, the twins' mom.

Who is the actress in the walmart commercial where she plays the mom taking away everyones toys at the dinner table She done ads for Disney World Progressive and Lowes?

Yeah, who is that actress?

Who is the actress that plays sonny's mom in Sonny With a Chance?

The actress who plays Sonny's mom in Sonny with a Chance is Nancy Mckeon.

Who plays the PR lady in the new Mac commercial?

Actress - Mary Chris Wall, she was also in the Wishbone series as a Mom (PBS)

Who is sam's mom on intelo's commercial?

I think Sam and the Mom are the same actress.

Who is the mom in the Subaru hockey commercial?

Same actress does a Crohn's disease commercial