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Traylor Howard

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Q: What actress plays the mom in the Volkswagen Tiguan Ridin' Dirty commercial?
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What actor plays the boyfriend in the Volkswagen Tiguan Ridin' Dirty commercial?

The actor who plays the boyfriend in the Volkswagen Tiguan Ridin' Dirty commercial is Alex Fernie.

Who is the actress in the VW ridin dirty commercial?

Bridgett Newton

Who is the actress on Cadillac Escalade tv commercial?

Sofía Vergara: was recently on a few episodes of Dirty Sexy Money as Jeremy's girlfriend.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dirty Hands Commercial - 2011?

The cast of Dirty Hands Commercial - 2011 includes: Gabe Witmer as Him

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The actress' name is Jennifer Grey.

Will a dirty air filter cause the check engine light to come on?

Yes, especially in Volkswagen cars.

Who is the actress other than Kate Walsh in the Cadillac Escalade commercial Is it Ava from Grey's Anatomy?

i have no idea who ava from grey's is, but I believe the other girl is sofia vegara, a really hot colombian actress who was on that show, "knights of prosperity," and is now on "dirty sexy money." she dated tom cruise for like, a week.

What is the song in the commercial for Cadbury thins?

Bitter:Sweet - Dirty Laundry

What is the name of the actress that plays Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing?

Jennifer Grey is the actress, Frances "Baby" Houseman is the name of the character in the film.

What actress had the leading role in 'Dirty Dancing' and was engaged to Johnny Depp?

Jennifer Gray

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Dirty Stop Out

Actress who played in dirty Diana music video?

Lisa Dean. See related links.