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Yeah, who is that actress?

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Q: Who is the actress in the walmart commercial where she plays the mom taking away everyones toys at the dinner table She done ads for Disney World Progressive and Lowes?
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Who is actress Doris in Walmart black Friday commercial?

Sarah Charipar

What actress does the voice over for the Humana-Walmart commercial?

Ann archer l

Who is the actor in the Walmart steak commercial?

the actress is Wendy Kaplan from Halloween 5: the revenge of Michael Myers

Who is the actress who plays the wife in the Walmart ugly cat sweater commercial?

I think its maribeth monroe from workaholics

Who is the actress in the Walmart Black Friday commercial where her list is crossed off?

The actress is Jen Tullock, who appeared in the Turner TV series "Disengaged" (2015).

Who is the brunet actress in the Walmart commercial?

The charming, talented, and beautiful Charlene Amoia -- best known as "Wendy the Waitress" from How I Met Your Mother. She does a lot of commercials for Walmart, Ross, KFC type things. Nothing special.

Is the same lady in the yoplait commercial and walmart commercial?

I say it is the same lady that comes into the drycleaners to have her clothes altered and that does the new walmart commercial.

Who is the actress in the Toyota Sienna commercial?

"And I think the woman playing the mom (Rachael Drummond, who also is in that funny Walmart clown commercial and a recent Progressive ad) works well in this setting as a mom, with a nice sense of timing and delivery of some funny lines." source: ---> This is what I could find... I'm almost certain it IS NOT Maureen McCormick... that's what fueled the search for this answer in the first place : )

Is Victoria kelleher in the new walmart commercial?

She was in the Christmas commercial, yes.

Where can you buy combination locks?

Giant tiger, Walmart, zellers. Pretty much anywhere. and emily wood loves smelling everyones bum

In the new Walmart commercial about furniture and home decor who is the actress and what commercial has she been in before?

i don't know her name but she is the lady from the yoplait commercials, where she goes to the tailor to get all her clothes 'taken in', and she spouts off about 'the Boston cream pie' shes been eating and the tailor says 'you mean out'?

Who is Stephanie and ashely in walmart commercial?

stephanie hullar