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There are no Arabian characters on The Simpsons.

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Do you mean indian

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Q: Who is the Arabian guy on The Simpsons?
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Simpsons or family guy?

Family Guy. The Simpsons.

Who is the guy in the simpsons who burps?


Is family guy better or is simpsons better?

family guy

Who is the rich guy on the simpsons?

Mr. Burns

Will there be a Simpsons vs family guy?

Yes, but probably not on TV. People make Family vs. Simpsons videos on Youtube. There is a game called Family Guy vs. American Dad.

Are The Simpsons the same as Family Guy?

No, Family Guy is aimed at an older audience. No, Family Guy is aimed at an adolescent mentality.

Is Sideshow Bob in the new season of The Simpsons?

Sideshow Bob appeared in Season 26's The Simpsons Guy & Blazed & Confused.

Where can you find the full episode of The Simpsons Guy?

On FOX On Demand &

Is simpsons vs family guy a real game?

no but if it was it would be great

Which came first the show Simpsons or friends?

The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror XIV (which aired in November 2003 during Family Guy's cancellation) features a story entitled "Reaper Madness" in which Homer takes over the duties of being the Grim Reaper. Many Family Guy fans have claimed that it's hypocritical to suggest that Family Guy steals from the Simpsons when the story to this Simpsons episode is very similar to the Family Guy episode entitled "Death is a Bitch" in which Peter assumes the role of death. However, others point out that the story of a mortal taking on the duties of the Grim Reaper has been used several times before "Family Guy" or "The Simpsons". So in short, Family was first! (for once) Chris

How many crossovers has The Simpsons had?

The Simpsons has crossed over with The Critic, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill & South Park.

How do you get the ticket from comic book guy on the simpsons hit and rund?

To get the ticket from comic book guy on Simpsons hit and run you have to collect all the collector cards in the game. Once you have them you will turn them into Comic book guy for the ticket which will unlock the itchy and scratchy cartoon.