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Denis Leary appears in an episode of The Simpsons notFamily Guy

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He played himself.

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Q: Who did Denis Leary voice in Family Guy?
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Mike Henry is the voice of Consuela on Family Guy.

Was Don Cornelius on Family Guy?

No, Don never provided a voice for Family Guy

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Adam Corolla is Death on Family Guy.

Did Jim carrey play in family guy?

You actually mean did he provide voice work for Family Guy, No he has not.

Alan Alda is not the voice of Victor on Family Guy it is Jeff Bergman?

Yes, Alan Alda is not the voice of Victor on "Family Guy." It is indeed Jeff Bergman.

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Your question cannot be answered as there is nocharacter named Charlie on Family Guy

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Joe Swanson

How do you do Family Guy impressions?

Listen to the voice & keep practicing.

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She voices Herself.