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Both South Park & Simpsons have taken jabs at Family Guy

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Q: What adult-cartoon made fun of Family Guy?
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Has Family Guy ever made fun of The Chipmunks?


How to use the word offended in a sentence?

The guy was offended when his friend made fun of his family

Is family guy fun to watch?

Family guy is a widely watched comedy program

What did Jim crows family faced?

His family faced problems by racism because he was a white guy who made fun of blacks so African Americans hated him

What family guy episodes make fun of Italian people?

all of them

What are the things Family Guy has made fun of?

There are FAR too many things to list here.It quite possibly would take less time for you to watch all the seasons of episodes than it would be for one person (or multiple people) to write all the things that Family Guy has made fun of all these years.However, some of the top things/people Family Guy has referenced would perhaps beMichael J FoxBack to the FutureWizard of Oz9/11George Bush

Doesn't family guy make fun of the fray?

They make fun of everything and every one. so maybe

Why is Sarah Palin mad at Family Guy?

cause the constantly make fun of her.

What episode of family guy do thy make fun of the show password?

Wasted Talent

Why does Family Guy make fun of Adam west?

They don't really. That is Adam West voicing him.

What mad tv skit made fun of a really tall yoga guy when they made fun of the yoga guy he told the girl to breath through her vagina. what was that skit called what was the instructors name?

Jonny griffiths Said

What south park makes fun of family guy?

well its in cartoon wars part one and about Muhammad