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Throughout the series of Naruto it has been suggested several times that the Yondaime is the greatest ninja in history. While this is later shadowed by the Sage of Six paths as well as Madara displaying a time/space Jutsu even more advanced than the Yondaime's he remains to be the strongest confirmed ninja by abilities.

While in this case the Shodaime has shown the ability to subdue and even control the Bijuu's like pets in terms of actual ability the Yondaime is the greater of the two.

This may later turn out to be untrue as the Shodaime defeated Madara so severely he is still suffering from the wound 60 or so years later, baring in mind Madara has a more advanced time/space jutsu than the Yondaime.

However from what we know now the Yondaime is the greatest of all the Hokages and is still speculated to be the strongest ninja in the Naruto series

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Q: Who is stronger Yondaime or Shodaime?
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Who is stronger among yondaime and pein?

Yondaime is way stronger then pein.

Is the yondaime stronger than itachi?

B4 itachi can think or blink, yondaime standing behind him can slit his throat. Yondaime is the strongest ninja in the saga

Did yondaime join akatsuki?

OMG how can people ask retared questions like this... of course yondaime did not join akatsuki. akatsuki is formed by uchiha madara after his defeat by shodaime. he leds in screat. the leader outsiders think is actually pein(Nagato). yondaime died after he sealed the nine tail demon fox inside his son uzumaki naruto because that is part of the justu.. READ THE MANGA PEOPLE ON REAL WEBSITES NOT FAN MADE

Who is the father of yondaime?

I'm not sure but i now its jiraya no jiraya is yondaime sensei but yondaime real name is minato namikaze Jiraya is yondaime sensei and godfather..

Is yondaime naruto's father?

yondaime is not his real name it is Minato and to validate your question yes he is.

Who is strongermadara or yindiame Hokage?

Yondaime and madara have a small fight in which yondaime wounds him but does not win.

What does yondaime minatos name mean?

Yondaime Means the 4th Hokage!! Minato Namikaze is the name of the 4th Hokage so Yondaime is just the name of the Position of the leader

Who is yondaime?

'Yondaime' means 'The Fourth'. In the context of the Naruto manga, it is referring to the 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

Is Naruto's dad yondaime?

it's already been reveal that Minato Namikaze ,the 4th Hokage or Yondaime.

Who is minato and yondaime?

Minato is the father of Naruto. And Yondaime is the 4th Hokage, meaning 4th Fire Shadow.

Who is stronger between Madara Uchiha and the fourth Hokage?

Very close fight, but if u have read the manga, ul see that Yondaime defeats madara and kyuubi single handedly

Does shodaime and madara appear in the first episode of Naruto?

I dont think so......:(