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Q: How become yondaime in Naruto world warcft3 map?
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How do you get yondaime in Warcraft map Naruto world ultimate?

can any one upload a video on and show us how to become Yondaime in naruto world 4.5 s2 warcraft 3 map

Why did it say that it would be dangerous for the world to know who naruto's father is?

because his father is yondaime ( the fourth hokage)

You play naruto shipuuden world at Warcraft 3 and how you play yondaime?

First off, you go and see if anyone has ever been as far as to do more like, then after that you do a follow up check, consequently you do a reboot of core computatuion arteries and then boot you shipuuden and world at warcraft 3 drivers and once that is done you must install yondaime, when this is running boot world at warcraft 3 again and do a checksum to see if anyone in game has been as far as to do more like.

What happened in Naruto so far?

Well, Naruto have become the hero of Konoha and he is now in the battlefield in the Fourth Shinobi World War

What is Naruto's dad's name?

kushina uzumaki is the mom.Minato Namikaze is the dad.I dont now why his last name has changed ...Because of the demon fox sealed within Naruto, he would never know who his parents were, and the third hokage ment it was best that the world not know who Naruto's father was.There is some dispute over whether Naruto's fathers name is Minato or Arashi. I really have taken no side, I just want to know what his name is.

What does the prophecy say about naruto?

it says that the child shall bring either peace or distruction to the world. meaning that naruto will turn good or bad depending on how he choses down his path. as we know naruto has become going to the path of darkness will find out soon enough

What part of Japan is Naruto on?

Naruto has his own world and continent

Naruto ninja world battle 2 codes?

naruto ninja world battle 2

What is that thing that sHow is how strong a character is in Naruto?

naruto is very strong he is the strongest in the naruto world

Does lars alexanderson come out on naruto Shippuden?

No, he doesnt belong in the naruto world

Where does Naruto Uzumaki live?

Konohagakure ( Hidden Leaf Village) of Naruto world.

Why does Naruto fight A?

Naruto wants to fight Tobi, and A fears that Tobi will extract the fox from Naruto and use it to take over the world