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André the Giant is the shortest reigned WWE Champion because Jack Tunney vacated it after André won it by Ted Dibiase hiring a ref and to get plastic surgery so he would win the championship.

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A wrestler named "Tiny Tornado" he was 2 foot 10 inches and he now works in a department store.

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Rey Mysterio and hornswoggle

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jillian and melina~

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Mark Rothwell

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Q: Who is shortest WWE champion?
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Who was the shortest champion in WWE?

Andre the giant

Who is the shortest WWE wrestling champion?

Between the the World Heavyweight Champion ( Jack Swagger ) and the WWE Champion ( John Cena ), Cena is the shorter champion billed at 6 ft 1 in, while Swagger is billed as 6 ft 6 in.

Who is the worst WWE champion of 2009?

I think JBL was the worst because he had it for the shortest time of 2009.

What is it called when a WWE superstar is the WWE champion and the world heavyweight champion at the same time?

he is the undisputed WWE champion

What are the championship belts in WWE made of?

world heavyweight champion wwe champion intercomtinental champion wwe tag team champion world tag team champion ecw champion divas champion united states champion

Who is th WWE champion?

the wwe champion cuurently is randy orton

Who is the fastest WWE champion?

The fastest wwe champion is John Cena

Who is the wwe world champion in 2012?

CM Punk is the WWE Champion

Who is WWE champion-?

well it is vacantIt is not vacant Sheamus is the WWE Champion

How many times did the bigshow win the WWE champion?

The Big Show has won the ECW World Champion, WWE Champion, WCW Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, United States Champion, Unified WWE Tag Team Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion

Who is the latest WWE champion?

As of Dec. 7,2009, John Cena is the WWE Champion

Who became the WWE champion?

so far the wwe champion is cm punk